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Feral Change is dedicated to helping community cats through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), adoption, and education. We are based in Oakland, CA.

Adopt a Garden Cat!

Garden cats are feral or semi-feral cats that are not suited to life as typical house cats. These cats often come from outdoor colonies where it is no longer safe for them to live, and they need new, safe outdoor homes. Garden cats are easy to care for, require very little, and help keep rodents and pests away from your home. All they need is a safe yard, garden, farm, or warehouse, food and water, and a snug spot to sleep at night like a cat house, shed, or porch. Garden cats often become friendly over time with their caretakers, though each cat is different and unique. Some may prefer to always have more space from humans, while others may eventually come right up to you - especially at meal time. If you can provide a home to a Garden Cat email:

We've been busy! 

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