Feral Change is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping the Oakland community control and manage its feral and homeless cat population. Our success helps ensure the health of the community and consistent care of Oakland's neighborhood cats. We focus on TNR (Trap Neuter Return) to spay and neuter free roaming and feral cats in Oakland. We rely on donations and grants to continue our work.


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BFFs Butternut and Acorn have the ultimate bromance, but life wasn’t always cuddles and muffin-making for them! Their caretaker contacted us after noticing Butternut was suddenly unable to use one of his front legs. Without hesitating, we scooped him up and took him to the vet where they removed a large mass at his shoulder. As he recovered from surgery, we knew he needed to be reunited with his best friend, Acorn. Unfortunately, Acorn was proving rather difficult to trap. For weeks, these two besties remained separated until Acorn finally relented and the two were reunited in a loving foster home. Acorn was so excited to see his best friend again that he has barely left Butternut’s side and showers him non-stop with affection. As Butternut continued his recovery, Acorn also paid a visit to the vet. Street life hadn’t been kind to poor Acorn. The vet determined he had a number of broken teeth that needed to be extracted, along with an eyelid that was turned inward causing his eyelashes to rub painfully against his eye. Just like his bestie, Acorn underwent surgery. His broken teeth were removed and his eyelid has been repaired. Acorn can finally see without squinting and eat without pain, while Butternut can walk again. 

We are thrilled to have been able to give these best buds a chance to live pain-free lives indoors! However, their combined surgeries cost our small, volunteer-run group around $5,000 and we urgently need to replenish our funds so we can afford to help the next Butternut or Acorn that needs rescuing. Because we rescue cats directly from the streets, we never know when we will come across a cat in need of urgent medical care; we only know that it will happen much sooner than we would like. We do our best to make sure we are prepared, but our work helping Oakland’s homeless cats can only continue with your help! Your gift of any amount, large or small, will help ensure we can rescue the next street kitty who needs us. Your compassion and support keeps us going. Thank you for honoring the friendship of Butternut and Acorn by helping other cats like them! 

Acorn and Butternut

We have an immediate need to find foster or adoptive homes for outdoor Garden Cats, these cats need safe yards, barns, or businesses to call home, we will help set them up and they are easy to care for! If you cannot foster or adopt you can still help us by donating, every dollar helps us to care for cats in need. Thank you for spreading the word! Please contact info@feralchange.org to help, thank you for your support!