Feral Change is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping the Oakland community control and manage its feral and homeless cat population. Our success helps ensure the health of the community and consistent care of Oakland's neighborhood cats. We focus on TNR (Trap Neuter Return) to spay and neuter free roaming and feral cats in Oakland. 



Ethel the tortie is a warm and confident young cat! She loves to play and enjoys being around people and cats equally. She adores lap pets and will snuggle with you all night!

Groucho has most expressive tail that will tell you exactly how he is feeling. He loves pets and will head-butt any hand that is out, he is very affectionate and sweet.

Ethel and Groucho love playing, exploring, and snuggling with each other. Groucho is a bit more shy and Ethel models confident cat behavior for him. They both love tummy pets and will flop over for love. Since Ethel and Groucho are so bonded we would like them to find a home together, two kittens are better than one - they are never bored or lonely.

Email allie@feralchange.org to meet Ethel and Groucho


We have an immediate need to find foster or adoptive homes for outdoor Garden Cats, these cats need safe yards, barns, or businesses to call home, we will help set them up and they are easy to care for! If you cannot foster or adopt you can still help us by donating, every dollar helps us to care for cats in need. Thank you for spreading the word! Please contact info@feralchange.org to help, thank you for your support!

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