Help with Neighborhood Resistance...

The property manager in my community/at a local store/office park wants the cats removed. What do I do?

When a property manager or animal control agency wants to trap and remove cats, your goal is to try to protect the cats. Learn more details about the steps you should take (outlined below) at Ally Cat Allies Community Relations Resource Center.
Set up a Meeting – Call to schedule a meeting with the owner, property manager, or animal control director; be professional and diplomatic.

Prepare for the Meeting – The key to any response is to remain calm at all times and to make sure that any comments you make are grounded in truth and fact. When preparing, always look for the positive way to present your case. Learn more about preparing for a meeting.
Prepare for Negotiation – Use these negotiation tips for finding common ground and a resolution.
Mediate with your Opponents – Find out what your opponent’s specific concerns are relating to the cats and provide possible solutions for them. Many times concerns or complaints can be easily addressed.
Use Bargaining Chips – Part of negotiation is offering services in exchange for getting what you want for the cats. This list of services could help you seal the deal.
Educate Property Managers Use these educational materials and outreach tools to help you explain to the property manager, or your local animal control agency, what you’re doing and why.

Get Input from Local Feral Cat and Trap-Neuter-Return Experts – These feral-friendly organizations and individuals may be able to provide you with further advice and guidance.
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