How You Can Help Feral Change

​Feral and free-roaming cats and kittens abound in Oakland. To ensure the success of any large undertaking such as TNR and colony management, community involvement is essential as volunteers, donors, advocates, and as adoptive homes to cats requiring relocation. 
The organizations that Feral Change promotes and works with are:
1. Island Cat Resources and Adoption
2. Cat Town
3. Fix Our Ferals
4. Nine Lives Foundation
Please consider becoming involved in whatever way (small or large) your schedule and life allows.  Volunteer opportunities taking as little as 30 minutes per week exist; and even if you don't feel you can commit to volunteering, you can still help by learning more about TNR and then promote the work being done with family and friends.  


No matter the amount, any donation you make will help ensure a healthier community, and better care for Oakland's feral and homeless cats.  Donations made to Feral Change, or to the other organizations listed on this site are tax deductible. So, round up that 'feral change' from your sofa cushion and desk drawer and share it with the cats of your community! 100% of your donation goes towards helping stray and feral cats and kittens in Oakland.
donate supplies on our amazon wishlist:


Our cats go through a lot of supplies, it could not be easier to shop for our kitties on Amazon via our wishlist. For a double win use Amazon Smile and type in Feral Change as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate a percentage of the sale to Feral Change! THANK YOU!


If you'd like to get hand's on, then consider volunteering with us or one of the other organizations we promote which are also helping to address the needs of Oakland's community cats.  Opportunities include:
TNR: Trap/Neuter/Return volunteers are always needed in many aspects (including preparation, trapping, transportation, recovery, etc.)​ Want to learn TNR and volunteer with Feral Change? Use the 'Contact Us' link and send us an email! 
Care and management of existing colonies (providing food and water on a scheduled day to an existing colony). Even if you are available just one day a week, or even one day a month to help feed colonies this is a big help to us! Please email us if you can assist with feeding a colony.

Fostering and socialization of cats and kittens​ (usually this work is done in the comfort of your home -- where else can you volunteer in the comfort of your PJs! To become a foster please email us. We always need foster homes!


Feral Change has many cats looking for their purrfect forever home, some of our kitties are loveable house cats ready to curl up on a warm lap, but many of our cats are what we call "Garden Cats". These special kitties are cats that need caring outdoor homes to live out their lives. Garden cats are looking for safe backyards, gardens, or farms where they can live outside. These cats are typically more shy and skittish, and are not suited to life as house cats. Garden cats can be rewarding and entertaining outdoor pets, they can even help keep rats and mice out of your yard! Over time some garden cats can become friendly and affectionate with their caretakers, others prefer to keep a distance, but still enjoy hanging out near people, and playing with wands and laser pointers. Becoming a garden cat caretaker is not difficult, and we are here to help! Click the link above to learn more, or Contact Us.

Foster Cats or Kittens:


Feral Change often needs loving, temporary foster homes for cats and kittens, some of our cats need more experienced foster homes that can help acclimate shy cats so they get used to living in a home environment, and become affectionate house cats. We also often need fosters for kittens during kitten season in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall. 


Our rescue partners Cat Town and ICRA also need fosters very frequently, please click the links at the top of this page to go to their websites and learn about fostering opportunities. All cat supplies will be provided, so fostering could not be easier! Fostering is rewarding, and it saves lives!



Share what you've learned, and tell others about the need for ​help with controlling and managing Oakland's feral cat population. 
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