Curious about who the dedicated individuals are that care for the community's cats?  We're passionate people who want to see Oakland and its community cats thrive. We embrace the responsibility and challenges that come with caring for homeless and unwanted cats -- be it the daily ritual of providing food and water, or rescuing an injured member of the colony.  We know the importance of perseverance and continuity of providing care if we are to succeed in this endeavor.   


We receive no monetary gain or incentives to do this work -- in fact, each person involved spends countless hours and personal resources to continue their involvement. Other than possibly volunteering for one of the organizations that support TNR and colony management, most everyone involved in this effort is an individual simply motivated by love of community and a deep belief in this work and its eventual outcome. 


The hours are long and usually extremely early. We're out trapping and feeding after the sun goes down, or before it rises. 
We're known to be persistent as trapping can be a game of patience with some locations taking weeks or months to fully complete given lack of resources and volunteers.


If you would like to offer encouragement or thank someone for their efforts of TNR and colony management, please email a thank you note that will be shared with others.​