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  • Check out our adoptable cats and kittens! We are a foster-based rescue, which means all of our cats and kittens are in different foster homes. We do not have a central location (like a shelter) where you can come meet them. 
  • We require our kittens and cats to be indoor-only, unless they are being adopted as garden cats, so please understand that before applying. 
  • Once you know what cat or kitten(s) you are interested in email and let us know what cat you might like to adopt, and tell us a bit about yourself.
  • We will email you link to an adoption application form for you to fill out. We review most applications on a first come first serve basis.
  • When we have lots of applications in for one cat or kitten or a pair of kittens we review and work to find the best possible home fit for that cat or kitten. We will review all the applications and choose the adopters we think will be the best fit for that cat or kitten's specific needs, energy level, and personality. If you are not selected to adopt a specific cat or kitten it may be there is another cat or kitten(s) that may be a better fit.
  • Once we have your submitted application and we have reviewed and approved it, we can plan a meet and greet with the cat or kitten in their foster home. The foster parent will contact you to arrange a visit. Our fosters may ask you some questions about your cat experience and other pertinent info so they can get an idea of the type of home the cat or kitten may be going to. If your meet and greet goes well and it seems like the cat or kitten is the right fit for you, and our foster thinks you are a good fit for the cat or kitten, we can move to the next step.
  • Adoption counseling/home visit - before we finalize any adoption we will schedule a virtual home visit to make sure your home is safe and cat ready! No windows they can escape from, move any toxic house plants out of reach or in a room the cat cannot access. Plan what room your cat will start out in, and where the food and water will be, where the litter box will be, etc. Our volunteers can give advice, answer questions, and give tips on how to make your home cat or kitten ready. 
  • If you smoke indoors, this is not safe for cats or kittens to breathe, so we cannot adopt to you if you smoke indoors. 
  • If your home seems ready and safe for the cat or kitten(s) you are interested in, your written application has been approved, and your meet and greet was approved, we can finalize the adoption! You can then pay the adoption fee via PayPal or check (we'll send a link). 
  • After you are approved and the adoption fee has been paid we can plan for you to pick up your cat or kitten to bring them home! 
Adoption fees:
  • 1 kitten (up to 1 year): $150.00 
  • 2 kittens/bonded pair: $250.00
  • 1 adult cat (1+ years): $125.00
  • 2 adult cats/adult bonded pair: $150.00
  • Senior cat (8+ years): $75.00 (we may waive all fees for senior and special needs cats in some situations)
  • Garden Cat / Barn Cat: FREE to approved home
The adoption fee includes their spay/neuter, first FVRCP vaccinations, microchip, de-worming, and flea treatment.
For kittens over 16 weeks and adult cats this also includes their rabies vaccination. Kittens cannot get their rabies vaccine until they are at least three months old so kittens under 12 weeks will not yet have their rabies vaccination. 
For adult cats and kittens over 6 months of age the adoption fee will also include FIV/FeLV testing. 
Adoption fees are non-refundable, but can be converted to a donation if for any reason you need to return your cat or kitten, and we will email you a donation receipt. 
Need tips on what to expect when you bring home a new cat? Here are some good resources:
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