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Can a Feral Cat Be Tamed? 


Some cats living outdoors may seem feral because they are afraid, but with proper socialization and care they can become friendly pets, often these cats have had human contact in the past and may simply be abandoned house cats. For the most part an adult feral cat is very difficult to socialize, and if possible should stay with it's outdoor colony (if it is safe). Feral kittens under 8-9 weeks of age are fairly easy to socialize and adopt out. The best time to start socializing kittens is at six weeks of age.


What is TNR? 


TNR stands for Trap - Neuter - Return, a method of controlling free roaming and feral cat populations in a safe and humane manner. TNR helps keep outdoor cat populations and communities healthy, and once a feral cat is fixed it will no longer have kittens, meaning the feral cat population will decline naturally. Trapping is done with humane cat traps, then the cat is taken to the vet where is is neutered or spayed, once the cat recovers from the surgery it is returned to its outdoor home or cat colony.


Will Feral Change Trap Cats For Me?


Feral Change is a small group of volunteers, and unfortunately we do not have the man power to trap for the entire community. In most cases we will talk to you about your situation, lend you the equipment you need (humane traps, food, etc.) and show you how to trap the cat or cats so you have what you need to trap on your own. TNR is not as difficult as it may seem, and we are here to help you be successful!


Why Tip The Cat's Ears ?


Tipping the ear of a fixed (spayed/neutered) feral cat is the quickest way to show other people that that cat has been fixed, so they do not try to trap it again and put it through the stress of being trapped, and going to the vet. Cats are under anesthesia during the process and do not feel any pain when their ear is clipped. It does not adversely affect the cats in any way.


Will Feral Change Take My Cat?


Unfortunately Feral Change is not a public shelter and we do not accept cat surrenders from the community. We can recommend other options for your pet, including alternative rescues/shelters, and tips for how to keep your cat with you depending on your situation.

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