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garden cats

You Love Cats. Do you have a protected garden or yard area that would be a safe home for a cat or cats in need?


Feral Change has rescued a number of cats that are not comfortable enough with people to become house cats. Although these cats are called ferals, they are not wild or aggressive, just very shy and nervous of people. They need safe outdoor spaces in which to live out their natural lives. Some of these cats, in time, will allow petting from a trusted caregiver; others will keep a safe distance but enjoy playing or sleeping in the garden while you are nearby. Most are curious about people, and will interact with you (to a greater or lesser degree) at feeding time.


We’d love to relocate one or more of these cats to your garden where they can live in safety under your caring and watchful eye. Your main job would be to provide daily food and water, and some shelter from the hot or cold weather. We will guide you through the process of acclimating the cat/s to their new home, and support you if you encounter problems


What Garden Cats are looking for:


  • A safe yard, free of pesticides and free of other pets that may not want them in their area.

  • Shelter from the rain with warm bedding – a cat or dog house, a porch or even a child’s play house

  • A regular feeder. It is best to feed daily and not leave too much food out that will attract unwanted critters (wildlife) – which means if you are heading out of town for a few days, best to have a petsitter or a neighbor take over the feeding.

  • Places to hide – under decks, behind established plants or landscaping

  • A bowl of fresh water – best to change out the water every couple of days to keep the mosquitoes away

  • A home that will love them like pets and treat them like pets and take the cats with them when/if they move or find another safe yard to move them to. (We have great advice on how to do either.)









If you think you would make a great garden cat caretaker please contact us at


to learn more

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